Understanding services offered by an environmental testing lab

There are different environmental testing servicesyou can get from an environmental testing lab. These services include testing water, air, waste, soil, food and more to check their quality and their impact on the environment and life. You can get more than one service from an environmental lab. Here are some of the top services you can get from an environmental testing lab.

Air quality testing

Testing the quality of air involves testing and analysing air quality at your school, factory, home, office, shops, hospitals, malls and more. It is important to do this test as it directly affects the life of workers and their working efficiency. A professional environmental lab will use the latest technology to assess ambient air and indoor air quality for residential and commercial areas.

Stack emission testing

A good environmental lab will offer stack emission testing using the latest technology tools. They help manufacturers to protect the health of their employees and conserve the environment.

Water testing

Environmental labs also offer water quality testing. They make sure that the water you use at your factory, business or home is safe to use. They offer a wide range of water testing services to meet international and national standards.

Noise level testing

This is also a very popular service offered by an environmental lab. Noise level testing can be tested at both commercial and residential premises. Noise has become a huge problem in overpopulated cities and this is one of the top reasons to work with environmental testing labs.

Soil testing

An environmental lab will offer soil testing services to measure the fertility and health of the soil. There is a wide range of services offered in soil testing so make sure you ask your lab the exact services they are offering before hiring them. A good lab should be equipped with well-trained and qualified staff to do testing for pollutants that affect the environment and life.

Illumination survey

Light assessment or illumination survey or lux level survey is done to identify glare, too much bright light, or flickering light that can cause problems and harm employees’ eyes. Sufficient lighting is needed for the safety of your employees and their productivity.

Environmental testing equipment

There are different types of equipment that every environmental lab should have. These instruments and equipment are used to measure the number of compounds present in water, soil and air. Types of equipment and instruments used by environmental testing labs are mostly thermometers, humidity, samplers, refractometers, evaporators, balances, pH meters, particle counters, chromatography meters, centrifugal instruments and more.

When to work with environmental testing labs

Now that you know the different environmental testing services offered by environmental labs, you should know when to hire an environmental lab to help you with your project. There are different scenarios you might need the services of an environmental lab such as when you want to construct a new building. You will need to test the soil, water and quality of air in the area before commencing your project.

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