The definitive guide on how to trend on Twitter

If you are a social media marketing agency then you should know how to make a brand trend on Twitter. For business owners, marketers, and influencers, it is not enough that you post your content on Twitter. You should do everything in your capacity to trend on Twitter. Twitter has a lot of users and your target audience could be on the platform. You should ensure your messages are discovered easily.

However, that is easier said than done. Even the best marketers cannot guarantee that a tweet will go viral on Twitter. However, there are things that you could do to improve your chances of going viral. Read on as we talk about trending on Twitter.

What does trending on Twitter mean?

Before we proceed, we should talk about trends on Twitter and what they mean for average Twitter users. When a phrase or word goes trending, it means that there is a huge interest in that particular topic. Trending topics on Twitter are determined in real-time. The topics that have trended early in the morning might get replaced at lunchtime. Trending topics are determined through an algorithm based on various factors such as location. Interests and user follows.

Twitter shows all trending topics to users. They are meant to show the most relevant topics other users are having. Users can choose to jump directly into the conversation to offer their opinions. Others may simply have fun. A social media agency may add hashtags to tweets to show their relevance to a certain topic.

What can stop tweets from trending?

There are some types of posts that will never trend on Twitter. For example, tweets that violate the regulations and Twitter rules. You cannot threaten violence and expect to trend on Twitter. Tweets that contain adult content are also excluded and they can never trend on Twitter.

How to trend on Twitter

If you want your hashtag to trend on Twitter, it is essential to know that there are different things you can consider. This list contains some of the best practices that can help you trend on Twitter.

Be active on Twitter

This is very obvious. You should put in a lot of effort when posting new tweets. This is true for new brands. You should also put some thought into the things you post. Make sure your tweets resonate with your followers.

Offer explosive content

If you want Twitter users to talk about your topic and tweet about it, you will have to offer posts that cannot be found elsewhere. Content comes in different forms.

Give people a reason to talk about your topic or use your hashtag

People will need a reason to use your hashtag. Often, they will use it to be part of a discussion. But if you are creative with it, you can easily use it to start a trend and showcase your business.

Use a social marketing tool

Any social media marketing agency should know various social marketing tools to use to trend on Twitter. Some tools can collect Twitter data and boost your chances of trending.

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