Quantitative Analysis Guide: Which Statistical Software to Use?

Suppose your instructor provides you with a writing task, and you need to do some quantitative analysis to complete your assignment. You may be unfamiliar with this term, so before you step forward, you need to understand the concept of quantitative analysis.

What is quantitative analysis?

Quantitative analysis, represented as QA, is a type of analysis in which you gather mathematical and statistical data, measure, and analyze the data using modeling methods. It is used to evaluate the financial condition of any business and firm. This analysis is also used to find the GDP of the country.

This type of analysis is very difficult because it requires illustrating, measuring, and analyzing techniques. To overcome these problems and get your work done easily, you should use statistical software. This software will be very useful for you as they do quantitative analysis in a blink of an eye. But the question arises here is that which statistical software you should use. Because you can find a lot of software in the market that is doing these types of analyses.

This article will give you assistance on which statistical software you should use for your quantitative analysis.

Best Statistical software you should use

Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS)

Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) is the most common and famous software among students that is used for quantitative analysis. An International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) developed this software in 2009.

You can perform modern analysis, data management analysis, business financial analysis, and criminal investigation analysis from this software. This software is also used to make a chronographic index, design for marketing trends, and statistical analysis such as mean, median, and mode. This software can analyze your mathematical and statistical data collected on a big scale in a couple of minutes.

The interesting point of this software is that it is very easy to use because of its user interface. You can surely learn this software in a few days. You can see the slider and window panels on the top of the interface. Using these windows panels, you can select the option of your required analysis and easily operate the analysis.


The second popular and universal software for performing quantitative analysis is STATA. This software is used in different corporations, businesses, firms, education, and government agencies. This software was developed by StataCorp in 1985.

With the help of this software, you can operate different types of analysis. Those analysis includes handling the data, measurement, and demography. You can perform both elementary and complicated analyses with the help of this software. In a couple of moments, this software can analyze the massive amounts of statistical and mathematical data that you have gathered.

The user interface and functionality of this software are both very user-friendly. Its user interface contains four main windows that are:

  • Command window
  • Inspection window
  • Result window
  • Fluctuating window

You can enter your statistical data and give the command of your quantitative analysis on this command window. After that, you can check and record your data and command from the inspection window. The third window is the result window, which provides you with the result of your analysis. The fourth and last window is the fluctuating window that gives you the draft of variables in your data.

Statistical Analysis System (SAS)

Statistical Analysis System short form (SAS) is the third in-demand and common software used for performing quantitative analysis. This software is used in many educational institutes to perform analysis and in corporations to estimate their firms’ financial condition. This software was developed by the SAS institute in 1976.

This software is designed to perform many types of analysis like quantitative analysis, modern analysis, data handling, financial analysis, and GDP analysis for their country using different techniques. This software also helps in the formation of article writing, business outlining, projections, high-quality development, and project management.

You can easily perform large-scale modern analysis with the help of this software. Unlike STATA and SPSS, this software can efficiently analyze bigger data in a few minutes.

However, if you are confused and don’t know how to perform your analysis using the SAS software, hire a dissertation writing service. They will do your analysis within a few hours.


You are in your college or university and doing your higher studies. Your instructor may assign you an assignment on quantitative analysis. These assignments are a very important part of your degree and play a significant role in its completion. If you want to obtain good grades in your degree, you must complete your assignments perfectly.

But quantitive analysis is very difficult because it requires statistical modeling of big-scale statistical data to measure and analyze its behavior. To complete your assignment, you should use statistical software that performs analysis quickly. There are several software available in the market that does analysis. STATA, SPSS, and SAS are three main and easy-to-use software that perform all types of modern analysis.

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