Misconceptions about executive search companies you need to know

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding executive recruiters Michigan. In the world of recruitment, misconceptions run rampant, especially when talking about executive staffing companies. Despite the value that executive search firms bring, a lot of organizations question whether outsourcing C-suite recruitment services is worth the cost.

It is therefore important to get the right information and get rid of these misconceptions. I am here to explain some of these misconceptions and tell you the truth. Here are some of the most common misconceptions you should know.

Anyone can do an executive search with a job board

There are a lot of job boards available and a lot of companies assume that they can achieve their goals by posting vacant C-suite positions on these sites to discover their next hire. However, these companies fail to realize that a lot of work goes into an executive hire. When recruiting an executive employee, the best candidates aren’t found on the job boards. These people are high-quality experts employed by another company. This makes it hard to find and recruit them. When you partner with a search firm, your company will have access to a huge network of passive candidates.

The candidates are carefully screened to ensure competitiveness. The search company will help you engage with these potential employees and sell them on the vacant position. A recruitment agency will meet your needs if the quality of hire is your top priority. It pays to connect with the right search company that can deliver upon your recruitment objectives.

Executive staffing companies are expensive and provide low ROI

It comes as no surprise that executive staffing companies charge a lot of money for their high-quality services. However, when you consider the cost of making a bad hire, especially at the executive level, it can have a crippling effect on your company.

Instead of relying on your internal HR team to recruit a qualified C-suite candidate, it pays to outsource this function. When you choose the right executive search firm, your provider will give you a suite of finalists – paired with predictive and behavioural performance assessment results. This data will be made available for your review and it can prove to be an important indicator of the candidate that will do well in the available job and align with your organization.

Internal TA teams can hire the same calibre candidates as search firms

Some companies have a team of internal recruiters and think that they can do even a better job than executive search companies. However, executive recruitment is complex and your internal teams might not have the capacity to find the right hire. It is likely that your internal team is focused on filling low-level positions within your company.

When executing a search for an executive position, executive recruiters Michigan have the muscle and connections to find you the right employee for the job. Not only will search firms need great sourcing skills, but they will also require high-quality salesmanship to sell the candidate for the vacant position.

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