Everything you need to know about dissolved oxygen sensors

A dissolved oxygen meter for aquaculture is very important in ensuring aquatic environmental health. Aquatic environmental health is a very important component of ensuring that all forms of life in the water are healthy. Bacteria, fish, plants and invertebrates require a healthy aquatic environment to live and thrive. To monitor and protect the aquatic environment, we must monitor the dissolved oxygen in the water supply.

DO or dissolved oxygen is the amount of oxygen dissolved in the water. It can occur through diffusion from the surrounding air or aeration. It is also a waste product that is produced by plants through the process of photosynthesis.

For fish and other aquatic life to remain healthy, it is crucial that they get the dissolved oxygen in the right quantity. If the aquatic environment’s health becomes poor then they may not get the amount of dissolved oxygen needed to survive and this can result in the suffocation of aquatic life.

Within a sewage treatment plant, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water should be maintained at the right levels. If the dissolved oxygen becomes too high or too low, the aquatic environment will begin to deteriorate. If you wish to ensure that the dissolved oxygen in your water is okay or at the right levels, you need to take the necessary measures to understand and choose the right sensor or dissolved oxygen for your system. This is why you should work with the right water company.

Why is it important to measure dissolved oxygen?

Dissolved oxygen can be found in water. This type of oxygen helps in determining the quality of water as it is very important for living things that live in water. When looking at the study of ponds and lakes, this form of oxygen is the second most important factor in water bodies. Only water is believed to be more important than dissolved oxygen.

Whenever dissolved oxygen becomes too low or too high, the quality of water is harmed and aquatic life can be destroyed. Non-compound oxygen is oxygen that has not become bonded to other elements and this means that there are free O2 molecules in the water. Different forms of life in water can be affected by dissolved oxygen. They include plants, fish, bacteria and invertebrates. These organisms are able to breathe because of dissolved oxygen.

There is a variety of ways in which dissolved oxygen can effectively reach the water. It could diffuse in the water before getting to the surface of the water. It can also be mixed in the water via natural or manmade aeration. Water aeration can be caused by different things such as the discharge of groundwater, waterfalls or winds. Also, this type of oxygen can be produced through photosynthesis.

Using the right dissolved oxygen meter for aquaculture to evaluate dissolved oxygen is important to assess the quality of the water. In the event of a low level of dissolved oxygen, it is possible that aquatic life will suffocate. Measuring dissolved oxygen largely depends on what is being used to measure.

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