Clevo NH70 Review : A Gaming Laptop

There is a never-ending obsession among gamers for gaming laptops. We all have been perceiving constant developments and changes within the gaming industry. Every new day, there is a launch of a new game with new features in it. Hence, we are here to discuss it and how our world is bringing revolution to this industry.

Clevo NH70

About Clevo NH70

We are here to discuss the most popular laptop, the Clevo NH70, designed with ultimate features that offer gamers an outstanding experience. The hardware of this laptop is completely upgraded with a new setup, and it is ready to share a thrilling experience with gamers.

A Taiwanese company has manufactured this new beast, considered a perfect device for noobs and professionals to play mega games. This device has a GTX 1070 graphic card that offers zero trouble while running games on this system. With this, a gamer must know how unique and highly upgraded its features are.

Features of Clevo NH70

Clevo NH70 has 1TB internal, i.e., default hard disk drive storage and 8GB RAM. Also, it has a GTX 1070 graphic card. This device carries an Intel i7 processor. It offers an excellent shot of vast display size of 17.3 inches. The maximum resolution of Clevo NH70 is 3840 x 2160. The laptop’s screen offers the user a detailed structure and a clear view. This device offers a mega beat music drop and filtered audio quality under its best price range compared to other laptops.

To create a world-class gaming experience for the users, this laptop brand has a higher level of connectivity programs such as a joystick, Bluetooth, wifi, headset, etc.

Price of Clevo NH70

The average price of Clevo NH70 starts from $1500 on multiple online platforms. However, these prices are considered to be a bit higher by many experts.

Battery backup

This device has a lithium polymer battery that gets charged using a 180-watt adapter, and in return, it offers a backup of 4 hours to the user.

Benefits of Clevo NH70

A user who owns a Clevo NH70 gaming laptop will get the vibe of the next generation as the user possesses this giant beast. Clevo NH70 offers all the required and desired features if you are a game lover. From getting a thrilling experience display to playing elite top-level games to accessing high-quality multimedia, Clevo NH70 does not disappoint you and becomes your best entertainer.

The graphic card and RAM does not cause any technical issues or minor glitches to your system while playing games. High-quality multimedia is set as per standard that does not create unnecessary noise while in a gaming environment. The Keyboard of the Clevo NH70 has been designed in a unique structure that offers the user a gamer vibe. Meanwhile, its 9th generation Intel processor ensures gamers an uninterrupted and smooth experience.

Drawbacks of Clevo NH70

The price range of the Clevo NH70 is the biggest concern of many users, as it costs you around $1500. In contrast, many other affordable gaming laptop options are available in the market. Meanwhile, the entire system is designed only for gaming purposes, which means a user is bound to access this laptop only for gaming purposes. You cannot study or do office work on it. For this, Clevo NH70 is not considered the user’s choice.

Compared to other laptops, this system is much bulkier, and the total weight is around 4.85 pounds. Due to this, this laptop does not make a portable device, unlike other work-from-home laptops. Then, this laptop has a very low battery backup, i.e., A maximum of 4 hours is significantly too low. Then, the last concern is no webcam availability; meanwhile, many other laptops offer a webcam these days, even at lower prices.


After sharing all the relevant insights of Clevo NH70, we highly doubt that this laptop can make it into the gaming industry or any other industry. Of course, its advanced gaming graphics card and high-quality multimedia may become a choice for many gamers. But due to its other drawbacks, such as higher prices, many will avoid it too.

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